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During Lockdown unfortunately I haven't been able to take photos at dog shows or any photoshoots. So I came up with an idea to edit customers photos. Whilst admiring the bluebells in my garden, I thought it would be lovely idea to combine a photo of your dog with landscapes where you enjoy your walks. 

I can combine just one landscape with the photo of your dog or I can use multiple photos. I can also edit multiple dogs in to one photo edit. The photo of your dog can be any photo and side views work great. I can only use photographs you, family or friends have taken, I cannot use photos from the internet or Google due to copyright reasons or another photographers work. 

To keep the best quality possible the photos are best emailed to me at If you have questions please feel free to send me a message. For payment a PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address. Thank you

Price List

Digital copy emailed directly to you £10.00 per dog 

Digital copy plus 1 6x4 print £15.00

Digital copy plus 1 A4 print £20.00

Digital copy plus 1 Keyring £15.00

Digital copy plus 1 Notepad £16.00

Digital copy plus 10x8 framed print £32.00

Prices include postage

If you have already ordered a digital copy and are interested in ordering a product with your photo edit this is just the product price list which also includes postage. 

6x4 Print £5.00

A4 Print £10.00

Keyring £5.00

Notepad £6.00

10x8 framed print £22.00