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I am available to book for dog shows and events to document all of the action and the prizes being given. If you would like me to attend an event please email for more details. If the dog show is for charity I am happy to attend free of charge. Otherwise events will charged accordingly. 


If you would like to order photographs from one of the dog shows or events please see the price list below. (Previous years dog show images are still available to order and have not been deleted) Thank you. 



6x4 Print - £8

7x5 Print - £11

10x8 (Approx A4) Print - £13

A3 Print - £22

If the images are square in the gallery they will be sized:

5x5 Print - £8

6x6 Print - £11

8x8 Print - £13

11x11 Print - £20



Glitter Water Frame (6x4) - £15

My dog mount and frame - £22

White Frame (10x8) - £22

White Frame (7x7) - £18

Personalised small square name frame - £7.50

Personalised Medium Square name frame - £11.50

Digital Image

CD Jpeg Image - £25 (£5 per extra photo)

Jpeg Image emailed direct to you - £22 (£5 per extra photo)



Coasters - £4.50

Keyring - £3.50

If you wish to place an order please contact me either via email or phone 07756198892 to discuss which images and products you would like to order; then you will be sent an invoice via PayPal for payment. Other payment methods are available please contact me to discuss. Thank you.

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